The villas are available in the plot area of 100, 125, 220 and 300 sq. ft. Their built up areas are 2300, 2800, 4300, 5800 sq. ft. Every size has a different floor and layout composition for bringing out the best value to the customers. The 100 and 125 sq. ft. ones have stilt parking, multi-purpose rooms, toilets, backyard, etc. The villas with 220 and 300 sq. ft. have large multipurpose basement along with toilets as well as servant room. The 220 sq. ft. ones have 2 bedrooms along with dressing rooms and bathrooms. The 300 sq. ft. ones have 3 bedrooms, dressing rooms and toilets. The top floor is ideal for recreation as it presents terrace garden, swimming pool, pantry, etc. So, the Godrej Golf Links provide customers with luxury and spacious rooms.